Here are the Scholarship FAQs

1How often does the board review scholarship applications?
Grant applications are reviewed on an annual basis typically between March and April.
2If the school I plan to attend is not a four-year accredited college or university, does this automatically make be ineligible?
No. The board reserves the right to consider other schools selected by the applicants. The decision will be based on a review of all variables.
3Do you award scholarships to students who fall below the GPA requirements?
We do not grant scholarships to students who do not meet the GPA requirements. We review official school transcripts to confirm the GPA prior to making a final decision.
4How long does the notification of the award take?
The review process may take up to four to six weeks. It depends on the availability of board members and the amount of scholarship applications received during the review period. Also, additional research and verification processes may be applicable. Our goal is to send notification letters before the end of the school year.
5If I am receiving scholarships from other sources, does this make me ineligible. ?
No. You are still eligible to apply. However, we access the applicants’ need.
6Who do I contact with additional questions?
You may call administration at The Perry's Foundation, Inc. The phone number is 940.227.4362, or send an email to