Community Development

The Perry's Foundation, Inc. has a primary goal to improve the quality of life in the Olney and Young County, by engaging residents and businesses in activities that allow growth and prosperity.

Community Initiatives:

  1. Community Enrichment – The Perry's Foundation invests in efforts that improve the quality of life in the Olney and Young County communities. This includes improving security, increasing affordable housing; improving green space and parks; and preserving culture (Olney Heritage Museum);
  2. Economic Development - The Perry's Foundation supports activities that grow and strengthen the local economy, such as job training through local work programs and internships, supporting small business development, and attracting and retaining businesses with a frequent Shop Local campaign;
  3. Leadership Development – The Perry's Foundation assists with providing and funding leadership training to improve the skills of leaders of local organizations that work to strengthen adults and youth.
  4. Education – The Perry's Foundation focuses on strengthening education systems by developing strategic partnerships with local foundations dedicated to meeting students’ educational needs. The foundation also supports student enrichment activities that improve learning and offers annual scholarships to graduating seniors who meet the eligibility requirements.
  5. Health and Wellness – The Perry's Foundation funds local wellness programs to improve the overall health status of the community. The foundation seeks partnerships with neighboring communities and organizations that are focused on promoting healthy living and increasing access to health services and facilities. Moreover, the foundation serves as an advocate for construction projects such as sidewalks and walking trails to stimulate healthy attitudes toward fitness.

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