Here are the Grant FAQs

1How often does the board review grant applications?
Grant applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.
2Does my organization qualify for a grant if we do not have a 501(c)3 status?
No. We do not award grants to organizations who have not been given a 501(c)3 status by the IRS.
3Do you award grants to individuals?
We do occasionally award funds to individuals on a case-by-case basis. Submit an inquiry form located in the Grants section on our website.
4How long does the notification of the award take?
The review process may take up to four to six weeks. It depends on the availability of board members and the amount of grant applications received during the review period. Also, additional research and verification processes may be applicable.
5If our organization has been denied in the past, may we reapply for another grant?
Yes, you may reapply within a 12-month period. You should disclose that you applied for a grant previously.
6Who do I contact with additional questions?
You may call administration at The Perry's Foundation, Inc. The phone number is 940.227.4362, or send an email to